Squirrel Removal: Why Squirrel Repellent Doesn’t Work

squirrel removal

At a glance, squirrels might seem relatively harmless. They can often be seen in early morning and evening, scrambling through your trees and yard in search of food. Despite their playful appearance, squirrels are supreme nuisance animals, capable of doing serious damage to your property. Relentless in their pursuit of shelter, squirrels can even find their way into your house, putting your family’s health at risk. There are many misconceptions about the best way to eradicate squirrels, and several of the most common strategies and repellents have proven ineffective. Employ the proven squirrel removal strategy with Animal Remover instead. Specialists in animal control, Animal Remover has developed a multifaceted solution for successful squirrel removal.

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Myths About Squirrel Removal

There are several so-called squirrel repellents on the market, but they are nothing more than gimmicks. Don’t waste your money on some magical powder or spray claiming to be the ultimate squirrel removal solution; this product simply doesn’t exist. Squirrels are impervious to mothballs and would-be repellents derived from fox or coyote urine. Besides, squirrels usually prefer to hang out in well-ventilated attics where products relying on a repellent odor are less effective. Rat poisons and other similar substances are not recommended for squirrel removal either. Squirrels know exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to food, and they won’t go near any of these poisonous agents.

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Contrary to popular belief, squirrels are also oblivious to music, ultrasonic noisemakers, and flashing lights. Highly intelligent, incredibly determined creatures, squirrels are undaunted by these tactics. They are willing to put up with virtually anything in exchange for a warm, safe place to have babies – which means you’ll need the help of a squirrel removal expert.

The Professional Approach to Squirrel Removal

Once squirrels infiltrate your home, they pose a number of serious threats to your family and household. They are known to chew right through walls and electrical wiring, compromising structural integrity and creating fire hazards. Squirrels also frequently carry fleas and ticks, hitchhikers you definitely don’t want in your house. The feces and urine of squirrels can also cause salmonella and other dangerous diseases. In light of these risks, the need for a highly trained squirrel removal specialist becomes obvious.

Animal Remover brings unmatched experience and skill to squirrel removal. We don’t just patch the holes in your attic, fill it with mothballs and call it a day. Our multifaceted approach to squirrel removal involves trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion, guaranteeing a squirrel-free home for you, without harming the animals. Don’t ignore your squirrel problem any longer. Call in the wildlife control experts at Animal Remover today.

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