Why Swarm Capture Is an Important Environmental Benefit

Swarm capture in outdoor setting

The national bee shortage has made headlines in the last few years, as scientists warn the public about the danger of the honey bee’s falling population and the environmental impact that event could have. It is no secret that honey bees are a major boon to agriculture and human food production. As such, it is important that we do everything we can to help the honey bee population recover. Offering safe swarm capture is one of the steps we can take to do our part to help our friend the honey bee. Today, Animal Remover would like to discuss swarm capture services and why if you find a hive on your property, it is important that you contact a professional swarm capture expert to help preserve the colony of honey bees.

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Environmental Benefit of Swarm Capture

The most impactful benefit the honey bee provides us with is cross-pollination. Bees are essential to the human diet as the USDA estimates that bees pollinate 80% of our flowering crops, which constitutes one-third of the food we consume. If bees were to become extinct, not only would we no longer have honey, but many of our fruits and vegetables would no longer be widely available. It would also threaten our beef and dairy industry as alfalfa is one of the major feeds provided to cows. All told, it is estimated that honeybees pollinate nearly $14 billion worth of crops in the United States alone. If the bee population continues to diminish it is likely we will come to face major agricultural and diet challenges in the very near future.

So what can we do as an individual to help out the struggling honeybee population? One of the most important activities is preserving natural hives and swarms that we find on our property. Many people have perfectly reasonable concerns about keeping a swarm of several thousand bees on their property. That is where a professional swarm capture service like Animal Remover comes in handy. We can safely and humanely move a bee colony from your property to our in-house honeybee hives, or we can donate the swarm to a local beekeeper.  Where that colony can thrive and begin to increase in population eventually turning producing enough bees to begin a new colony. Swarm capture service allows the honey bee colony to produce more of these incredibly beneficial workers to continue to pollinate and cross-pollinate our food.

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Have a Bee Swarm on Your Property?

Contact Animal Remover immediately to speak to one of our professional representatives about our swarm capture service. We strive to serve our community by providing humane and safe animal control and fast service. We hope you will allow us to safely remove and protect your bee colony for the benefit of us all.

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