Why You Need a Squirrel Removal Service in the Summer

Animal Remover Squirrel Removal Summer

Squirrel removal is more than just removing squirrels from your home after they settle in. In fact, a squirrel removal service is mostly about prevention. Summertime is the perfect time for preventing squirrels from getting into your home because most of the time they’re outdoors. Today’s blog from Animal Remover explains why you need a squirrel removal service in the summer. 

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Squirrel Behavior in Summer

You’ll see squirrels early in the morning in the summer as they collect food, such as acorns and nuts. You may see them scurrying around and up a tree trunk, either alone or in pairs. These mammals will hide during the hottest part of the day, which means they head to their nests where it’s nice and cool and in the shade. Even though squirrels spend most of their summer days outdoors, you still may need a squirrel removal service. Squirrels also eat a lot of nuts in the summer to keep up their energy levels as they teach their young.

Squirrel Nests in Summer

Squirrels make their nests in tree cavities during the summer. They may also build a nest of leaves and branches. You’ll probably never find where a squirrel’s nest is because they’re small, fast, and reclusive. Once they see a potential problem or a predator, like a canine or a bipedal hairless ape (that’s you, human), squirrels move quickly to get away. A squirrel removal service comes in handy when these creatures take root in your attic looking for warmth in the winter. But summer is all about making sure squirrels stay outside.

Gathering More Nuts

Squirrels begin to gather more nuts in the late summer as they prepare for winter. They handle nuts carefully and assess them for sustainability as weather turns cooler. Once autumn hits and more nuts lay on the ground, squirrels can scamper around to gather the best possible nuts for their cache. 

Exclusion in the Summer

You need a squirrel removal service in the summer to exclude squirrels from your home later in the fall and winter. Bright sunlight during the day makes it easier to see any holes in your attic or roof from the inside. Squirrels can even make their own way inside if they find any weaknesses in wood or siding. 

Our squirrel removal service includes a home inspection and exclusion process. We’ll go through the exterior of your home, look for weak points that squirrels can exploit, and then fix the problem. Our repairs have an Animal Exclusion Warranty of a minimum of 3 years up to a lifetime, depending on the type of repair we do.  

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Squirrel Removal Service by Animal Remover

Animal Remover’s squirrel removal service is just one way we help keep you and your family safe from wild animal intrusions. Do you have a concern about wild animals on your property? Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details!

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