Wildlife Control Tips: How to Safely Remove Animal Droppings From Your Attic

Wildlife control needed for damaged attic

Oftentimes, if an animal has invaded your home, you will likely find animal droppings in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or attic. This unpleasant sight is very common and requires immediate cleanup to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and your four-legged family members.

One of the most common places nuisance animals such as squirrels and birds tend to seek shelter in your home is in your attic. It is warm, enclosed, and away from human activity. If you hear the sounds of small animals pitter-pattering or rustling around, you should contact an experienced wildlife control service to humanely remove the nuisance animals.

Once the animals have been safely removed from your home, it is now time to clean up what was left behind. But what are the risks and how should you go about removing the droppings? Keep reading to find out.

Animal Droppings Hazards

There are many potential risks that can result from coming in contact with animal droppings. Oftentimes, droppings can contain parasites, viruses, and even very serious diseases. If you see animal droppings around your home, it is important to contact a wildlife control service such as Animal Remover to safely and efficiently remove the droppings from your home.

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Wildlife Control Tips on Cleaning Animal Droppings

If you decide to clean up the animal droppings on your own, there are several safety precautions and procedures that must be taken into consideration before you begin. Initially, you want to make sure that all animals have been removed from the attic. Next, you want to wear protective gear such a rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves, clothing that prevents your skin from being exposed to the droppings, and a protective face mask.

Once you have put on the proper protection, you will want to disinfect the area. There are many solutions available for disinfection. Carefully move the droppings into a plastic bag and dispose of the droppings in your outdoor garbage can. Once all of the droppings have been removed, go back to the area and disinfect again by mopping, steam cleaning, or washing any items that were in the area.  

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Although you can clean droppings on your own, we still recommend that you contact a wildlife control service such as Animal Remover. Not only do we humanely remove nuisance animal from your yard and home, we also provide safe and efficient deodorization and disinfection services.

Deodorization and Disinfection at Animal Remover  

At our wildlife control firm, we provide deodorization and disinfection services to ensure that your home is free of odors and harmful animal droppings. We begin by using our special formula that eliminates all odors from animal droppings. Next, our formula will disinfect and eliminate harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Contact our wildlife control firm at 513-324-9453 to learn more about the services we provide.