Wildlife Control and Destruction From Animals

Mole damage to yard could have been prevented with wildlife control

It’s hard to believe that small animals like moles and squirrels can do such major damage. Many wildlife control companies do not stress the importance of addressing a nuisance animal problem right away, but here at Animal Remover, we believe it’s important to call in the professionals at the first sign of a problem.

Delaying wildlife control services can result in huge expenses for home and business owners, as well as seriously destructive property damage. When dealing with nuisance animals, it’s never a good idea to underestimate the impact their digging, feeding, and nesting habits can have on your home and property.

Common Damage Caused by Nuisance Animals

Holes in Roofing

Nuisance animals tend to get in either through the foundation of a building or the roofing. In many cases, the roofing gets the brunt of it. Nuisance animals will chew, scratch and dig their way into your attic space, causing large amounts of damage over time. If you’ve been hearing scuffling, scratching or squeaking noises in your attic, a wildlife control company such as Animal Remover can inspect your roofing for damage and quickly remove the nuisance animal. Unfortunately, if it’s not done quickly, you could be facing thousands of dollars in roofing repairs.

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Foundation Damage

Nuisance animals like moles can also do serious damage to the foundation of your home or business. Moles dig deep tunnels beneath the ground, and if they get too close to your property, these tunnels can severely compromise your foundation. A professional wildlife control company can assess any damages done but if the issue is extremely severe, you may need to seek out a home repair service that can take on the foundational repairs you need.

Damage to Landscaping

Damage to landscaping can range from destroyed plants to deep holes all over yards and grassy areas. This type of damage is both unsightly and dangerous! Our wildlife control service will be happy to come in and remove the nuisance animal for good, but if left untreated for long periods of time, damaged landscaping can be un-repairable or extremely expensive to fix.

Feces Inside Living Spaces

Nuisance animals such as bats, mice and birds will leave behind unbelievable amounts of feces inside your attic or walls. This can be extremely dangerous to your health and the health of all those living in your home or visiting your business. A complete and thorough cleaning of the area must be completed to get rid of bacteria from the feces. If left untreated, the feces can lead to extreme damage to walls and insulation.

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Contact Animal Remover for Effective Wildlife Control Services

If you’ve been experiencing trouble with a nuisance animal at home or at work, it’s never too early to contact a professional wildlife control service. Here at Animal Remover, we practice safe, effective methods for nuisance animal removal while also providing thorough cleanup services to get rid of the mess for you.

Don’t wait for the damage to become extreme. Give us a call today and save yourself the money, time and hassle of dealing with serious damages caused by a nuisance animal.

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