Wildlife Control: Keeping Bobcats Away From Your Home

Bobcat dissuaded from trespassing by wildlife control measures.

Bobcats are one of the most widely distributed big cats in the United States. That is especially true in Ohio where reported bobcat sightings are up over the last few years. While bobcats may seem scary, they are rarely a threat to humans as they are exceedingly reclusive. That does not mean that they are not a threat to your fur babies or animals on your property, however. Especially if you have fowl on your property, repelling bobcats from your property with wildlife control methods may be necessary. Today, the Animal Remover blog is going to discuss some steps you can take to help dissuade bobcats from trespassing onto your property.

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Wildlife Control Methods

  • One of the most effective means of wildlife control for bobcats or any other predator is to ensure that your yard is lit. Bobcats are most active at night, just prior to sunrise. Installing motion-sensor lights will help to keep most predators from your property and is a particularly effective wildlife control method with the naturally shy bobcats.
  • Guarding your yard with a large furry friend is one of the oldest and most effective methods of predator deterrent. Bobcats, like most wild cats, are hesitant to quarrel with a large canine, especially those that are bigger than they are. This is very effective if you have a four-legged friend with a loud bark.
  • One of the simpler wildlife control methods is to keep bushes and trees trimmed to remove potential bobcat cover. As a naturally stealthy and careful cat, removing potential cover for bobcats to hide may help to dissuade them from accessing your property.
  • Shelter your livestock or domesticated animals during the night. Providing your animals with shelter, like a fenced enclosure or a barn, will help to prevent bobcats from trying to attack your animals. If you create a fenced area it should be well over 6-feet high, as bobcats are very good climbers and can reach surprising heights with a single bound.
  • Do not feed them! Leaving animal feed out can oftentimes be the thing that attracted bobcats to your property in the first place. Be certain that any animal feed you keep on your property is properly secured and sealed.

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Contact Animal Remover for Questions

If you are worried that bobcats may be accessing your property, Animal Remover offers property inspections to ensure that your property is not attracting wildlife. Our wildlife control specialists will determine what animal problem you’re experiencing and what we can do to solve it. Not only will we inspect your home, but your property as well. Contact Animal Remover today to discuss your options or if you have questions regarding wildlife control.