Wildlife Control: Why Install a Chimney Cap?

Wildlife control service man installing chimney cap

Although a fireplace is a wonderful addition to your home, especially in the cold winter months, it provides easy access to many nuisance animals such as birds, squirrels, and raccoons. All of these animals can be very dangerous to you, your home, your loved ones, your children, and your fur babies.

If one of these animals enters your home, defecation, urination, rummaging through trash and food, and destruction of walls and furniture is likely to occur. If you or your furry friend encounters one of these animals, it can turn into a hostile environment with potentially serious injuries. You will then have to contact an experienced wildlife control firm like Animal Remover to help alleviate the animal issue.

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Because a fireplace helps make our home warm and inviting, we don’t want to just get rid of it. But what can we do? How can we enjoy this favorite home amenity while, at the same time, keep out nuisance animals? The answer is chimney caps.  

What are Chimney Caps?

Chimney caps are a metal wildlife control cover that is placed on the top of your chimney where animals can gain access to your home. This metal covering has a wire mesh that allows smoke and heat from a fire to escape while keeping out animals and moisture. At our wildlife control firm, we offer our metal chimney caps in silver or copper and they are custom made to fit a chimney of any shape or size.     

Additional Benefits of Chimney Caps

Although the purpose of our chimney caps is to keep animals out, there are many other benefits that this feature can provide. Some of these benefits include:


  • Reducing Debris: When your chimney is exposed, it is susceptible to debris such as fallen leaves and branches. This metal covering will help reduce the amount of debris that enters your chimney.
  • Decreasing Moisture: Rain or snow can easily enter your chimney if it does not have a cap placed on it. Moisture can be very damaging to your chimney by harming the inner lining or creating mold and mildew growth.
  • Preventing House Fires: When the hot flames are roaring in your fireplace, you might release embers through your chimney and onto your roof. These embers can potentially catch your roof on fire, creating a devastating home disaster. Chimney caps help prevent embers from landing on your roof, diminishing the embers once it reaches the top of the metal cap.
  • Blocking Downdrafts: Without a chimney cap, wind has the potential to flow down into your chimney, blowing smoke into your home instead of out of your home.

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Contact a Wildlife Control Firm for Chimney Cap Installation

If you are interested in installing a protective cap onto your chimney, contact an experienced wildlife control firm like Animal Remover. We create custom metal chimney caps that will protect your home from nuisance animals. Contact Animal Remover today for more information about our chimney caps or our other wildlife control services.