Wildlife Management and the Hazards of Birds at Your Business

Wildlife management and birds invading your workplace.

Have you noticed more birds hanging around when you arrive for work? Are there geese wandering your parking lot? You might assume that birds hanging around your work property are harmless and there’s no need for wildlife management, but you’d be surprised. Geese, in particular, can be more hazardous than you’d think, and Animal Remover can explain why. As a professional wildlife management company, we have a lot of experience dealing with nuisance birds and know all about the problems they can cause.

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Why Are Birds Coming to Work?

Birds will always congregate wherever there’s food. Most workplaces, whether it’s an office, warehouse, and especially food service locations are will be peppered with food waste. Packages, crumbs, dropped food and all sorts of debris will attract birds. The more there is, the more birds will collect around the area. Birds are social creatures and will flock to socialize, find mates, nest, and breed, as well as just snacking on what you and your staff have left behind.

Intimidating Clients and Pestering Staff

A major side effect of birds congregating on your business property is that they will get more and more used to people. Birds wandering your commercial or business location is already a problem if there’s a lot of them, but when they start to brazenly approach customers, clients or staff expecting food then wildlife management becomes essential.

Brave, bold birds that have no problem approaching people may well put the public off. Not only that, but more aggressive birds like geese will be more likely to attack if they feel that your customers are invading their territory.

Repelling and Relocating

The main methods of wildlife management for birds are repelling them before they can take over, or relocating them if they already have. Both of these are difficult to do without professional intervention, as preventing birds from nesting or resting will need specialized equipment and skills. Keeping the exterior of your property clean is one way to help reduce the chances of birds sticking around, but isn’t a guarantee.

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Trapping and relocating birds is especially challenging, and you’ll need expert services to get it done. Trying to repel or remove birds from your property yourself is dangerous, especially with larger birds like geese. Not only that, but you risk harming the animals themselves.

24 Hour Professional Wildlife Management

If your business is under siege by birds, you need professional wildlife management. Contact Animal Remover today for expert, humane and environmentally conscious animal removal services. Whether it’s birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and much more, we can come up with the best solution for your residential or commercial property.