Wildlife Management: Animal Safety Tips

Two raccoons on a fence

Animal infestations are never fun to deal with, especially in your home or on your property. However, wild animals can be more than just a nuisance. If you have kids or four-legged family members, you have to worry about squirrels, raccoons, and even birds harming them. So, if you find unwanted animals in your home or yard, what should you do? In today’s blog post, the wildlife management experts at Animal Remover offer some safety tips when dealing with unwanted animals.

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Do Not Approach Animals in Your Yard, Even if They Are Small

If you or your child sees an unwanted or unfamiliar animal in your yard, whether it is a squirrel, raccoon, or even a stray domesticated animal, do not approach that animal. For starters, there is no way of knowing if the animal in question has any diseases. Animals with diseases or potential injuries are much more likely to become aggressive. If you see an animal in your yard or home, you should assume that it may suddenly lash out at any moment.

If the animal is outside, get inside as quickly as possible. If the animal is in your home, isolate it in the room it occupies or isolate yourself in a different room. You must keep all four-legged family members away from unfamiliar animals and to call wildlife management immediately if the animal is a threat.

Do Not Feed Animals

It can be tempting to feed stray or unfamiliar animals that find their way into your home or backyard. Feeding squirrels and birds may seem harmless. But feeding them gives wild animals a reason to come back, thereby causing a wildlife management problem. There are exceptions, such as hummingbird feeders and dedicated bird feeders. However, in most cases, you should avoid feeding animals. Keep all food inside if you have an animal problem. That way, pests won’t eat it.

Keep All Doors Secured

It may seem farfetched that an animal would be able to wander into your home. Unless you have an older chimney or open vents, there might not be a lot of access points. Raccoons, squirrels, and other rodents can easily get in through a door designed to give your furry family members easy access to the outside. Today, wildlife management technology has evolved so that you can buy these types of doors that are remote activated or activated by a smart key on your domestic animal’s collar. If you don’t have one of these high-tech doors, keep it sealed from outside animals.

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