Wildlife Removal for Orphaned or Injured Wildlife on Your Property

Injured Wildlife Pigeon

An orphaned baby animal may look cute when you see it in your yard. However, the small animal is alone and afraid without its mother. You want to help an injured animal that’s limping or confused. Unfortunately, an injured animal can harm you and your family by becoming aggressive. Animal Remover explains what to do when you see an orphaned or injured animal, and why you should call a professional wildlife removal service.

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Signs a Wild Animal Needs Assistance

Springtime is when you see baby animals the most, from ducklings following their mommy to fawns following a doe in the woods. Some baby animals are left alone on purpose, such as when the parents are off finding food. The mom or dad usually isn’t very far away. You may hear either parent call out to their baby to let the little one know help is close by. Before you call a wildlife removal service, check for signs that a wild animal actually needs your help.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Bleeding on the animal
  • Broken leg or favoring a leg
  • Wild animal captured by your four-legged family member
  • Bird on the ground with missing feathers or completely without feathers
  • Shivering animal
  • Baby animal with a dead parent nearby
  • Animal crying and wandering all day long

Any of these signs may point to an orphaned or injured animal.

Look for Immediate Danger

After you spot an orphaned or injured animal, look around for any immediate danger. The same thing that caused the animal to be in distress could also hurt you, such as a predatory animal, dangerous weather, a fallen tree, or a moving vehicle. If you feel you or the animal are not in immediate danger, you can slowly get closer to the animal before calling a wildlife removal service.

Do NOT get close if you believe the animal can hurt you. Injured animals can be aggressive and may try to bite, scratch, or attack you because the animal’s protective instincts kick in. Wildlife removal experts take proper protective measures if they come across an injured or orphaned animal.

Identify the Wild Animal

Do NOT try to handle or move the wild animal yourself. However, it does help a wildlife removal service if the company knows what kind of animal you found. Snap a photo of the animal with your phone. Send the picture to an animal remover or local wildlife control authorities.

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Contact Animal Remover Today

If you see an orphaned or injured animal on your property in the Greater Cincinnati area of Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, contact Animal Remover today. We are licensed in all three states, and work with wildlife agencies in all three jurisdictions to come up with an appropriate solution for your wildlife removal dilemma. Give us a call at (513) 324-9453.

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