Yard Mole Removal: Facts About Moles

Mole Removal Mole in Yard

Moles are unwanted pests that may dig up your yard and garden. If you see molehills and raised strips of land on your lawn, these are signs that you have this burrowing rodent sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. Moles could damage your plants and vegetable garden. Your four-legged family member could also find a mole and kill it, causing quite a mess. Despite their labeling as pests, moles serve an essential function in Earth’s ecosystem. The yard mole removal specialists at Animal Remover explain some astounding facts about moles.


Moles grow to be 4-½ to 6-¼ inches long, while their tails add another 1-½ inches. They weigh around 3.5 ounces. In North America, moles get a little bigger at seven inches long and four ounces in weight. Contrary to popular belief, moles are not blind. However, they can’t see very well and cannot see colors. Yard mole removal becomes difficult if you’re trying to find a relatively small animal among an intricate maze of underground tunnels. Molehills may reach up to two feet high and wide, which makes it hard to determine the size of the mole on your property. 

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Moles live in grassy areas, gardens, urban lawns, and woods, so long as they can dig tunnels. Underground tunnels are more than just for traveling. Moles create chambers at the ends of tunnels to give birth. Some moles live in the same area for generations and never move, so long as there is plentiful food. Moles are generally solitary creatures, with one mole in every 2-½ acres of land, which makes it hard to locate them for yard mole removal. 

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Earthworms are moles’ favorite food. When they dig in your garden, they’re not trying to eat the roots of your tasty vegetables. Moles are actually going after the earthworms found in the soil. Moles eat about 75% of their weight in earthworms every day, which makes them voracious eaters. The star-nosed mole, the world’s fastest eater, can chomp down an earthworm in just a quarter of a second!

Yard Mole Removal From Animal Remover

If you see small, raised hills or pathways that come from underneath the surface of your lawn, it’s time for yard mole removal from Animal Remover. We can figure out the best way to deal with this problem, find the mole that’s causing the damage, and then safely relocate it. Contact the yard mole removal experts at Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 to discuss your options.

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