Yard Mole Removal Tips: Why Do They Pick My Yard?

Mole Removal Mole Hill

It’s always a frustrating feeling to walk out into your yard and see it covered in molehills. Especially if you’ve dealt with mole problems before. No matter what you do, it seems they always come back. But why choose your yard? Maybe your neighbor doesn’t have the same problem, so why is that? When it comes to moles, there can be a number of factors that make your backyard their ideal habitat. Remember to contact Animal Remover for your yard mole removal needs. We’re a humane yard mole removal service that will relocate the little nuisances to somewhere safe but far from your yard. Here are some of the reasons moles may be digging in your yard.

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You Have A Nicely Maintained Yard

You’re probably pretty angry when a mole digs up your yard, especially because you take such good care of it. Well, unfortunately, that care is probably contributing to your problem! Moles love a nicely maintained yard just as much as humans. Chances are you have nutrient-rich soil that allows you to grow beautiful green grass and have a nice garden. Nutrient-rich soil is typically nice and soft. Perfect for a mole to burrow through. Does this mean you have to ruin your soil just to get rid of those pesky moles? Of course not! Just contact a professional yard mole removal service to make sure you get rid of them the first time.

Your Yard Is an Excellent Food Source

This links back to having a nice yard. If you have a yard with soft and fertile soil, you probably have earthworms helping to maintain that ecosystem. Earthworms just so happen to be a mole’s favorite food. This is another big reason you want to utilize yard mole removal service as soon as possible. Earthworms are great for your yard and garden, so you don’t want moles eating up your supply.

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You’ve Had Moles Before

If you’ve had moles before, you could experience the frustration of having moles again. The reason for this is the work is already done. A previous mole created the tunnels and network for easy access. This is why a professional yard mole removal service is essential. Here at Animal Remover, we can remove the moles from your yard and use exclusion technique to discourage future issues.

Contact Animal Remover For Your Yard Mole Removal Needs

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