You Have a Bat Emergency! Now What? Our Bat Removal Expert Explains

Colony of small bats on a ceiling of a home

Your day was going fine. You just picked up the kids from school after a productive day at work. Dinner smells wonderful. Then, you see a shadow on the dining room table as you’re setting up the dishes. You look up and see a small flying creature moving close to the ceiling. 

It’s not a bird. A bird would make a chirping noise. It’s a bat! You don’t want the bat to hurt your kids, and you most certainly don’t want it to get lost in your house. What do you do in a bat emergency? Animal Remover’s bat removal expert has some tips.

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First, Stay Calm

Remember, the bat is probably just as scared of you as you are of it. Bats don’t want to attack you. In fact, they may try to hide from you in a far corner of your ceiling. The creature is navigating new territory and trying to figure out how to get around your ceiling fans and light fixtures. Plus, a bat likes it dark. If you have lights on in your house, it’s eyesight might be a bit overwhelmed.

Cover Yourself

Keep your skin covered as much as possible. While bats don’t attack people or get near people, a bat might get close to you to investigate. 

Cover any food that might be lying on the kitchen counter or dining room table. Bats have a keen sense of smell, and they’ll be drawn to your human food even though they prefer to eat bugs.

Grab a Broom

Head to your utility closet, garage, or mudroom to grab a long-handled broom. A broom is soft enough to where it doesn’t do any permanent damage to the bat or your home’s structure if the bat gets too close to you or your family. Don’t try to remove the bat from your home. This is best left up to the bat removal experts.

Close All Doors

Bats follow airflows, including ones in your home. Shut all of the doors in your house to try to isolate the bat in one place. This does two things. First, you know where the bat is. Second, it makes it easier for a bat removal expert to locate once the professional animal remover gets to your home.

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When to Contact a Bat Removal Expert 

You should contact a bat removal expert as soon as you can. You should never try to handle a bat or perform bat removal on your own. Bats can carry rabies, and their guano can carry diseases. Plus you might harm yourself, your family, or the bat if you attempt to capture it. Yes, bats are scared of you. But scared animals can be unpredictable and they might lash out at you out of fear.

Once our bat removal expert captures the animal safely, our team will give you tips on how to clean up anything that the bat might have damaged when it was in your home.

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