Animal Emergency: What Should I Do If Was Bit by an Opossum?

An opossum on a white background.

A bite from an opossum can seem extremely scary, and you might be wondering if you are at risk of disease, infection, or rabies. Remember always to seek medical attention in the case of an animal bite. Animal Remover provides you with some initial care information and some facts about opossum bites.  

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An Opossum Bite

Opossums do not bite often, and if you have been bitten, you should know that the likelihood of an opossum carrying rabies is very low. They have low body temperatures and are not successful hosts of the rabies virus. When an opossum is threatened, they bare their teeth and drool. This is not a sign of rabies — it is their defense mechanism. If you have been in close enough contact with a possum, you might have contracted fleas, parasites, or ticks.

What Can I Do?

You must wash the bite with soap and water thoroughly. Make sure that antiseptic is applied. If you begin to notice inflammation or swelling, you should seek medical help immediately. While opossums are not normally the carriers of rabies, it is possible that you could become ill due to a bacterial infection. Antibiotics are utilized to treat this infection. If you are at all concerned about the bite you have sustained, you should contact your doctor. It is never a bad idea to get a medical professional’s opinion!

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Contact Animal Remover

If you are concerned about an opossum on your property, do not attempt to wrangle it yourself. Contact a professional and make sure that you are not at risk of a bite or infection. Animal Remover can provide you with the expertise you need. They are able to successfully remove opossums from your home. Contact us today.

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