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From urban to rural environments, we share the earth with a variety of animals. From birds to bats and rats to raccoons, there are any number of creatures who reside within your neighborhood. However, your home is not their natural habitat! For Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana wildlife control, the professional team at Animal Remover is your solution to local wildlife control. We provide safe and humane ways to get rid of unwanted house guests and protect your home from future intruders, from our offices in Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton. We also provide dead animal removal services. If you’re having trouble with wildlife in your home or office, we can provide fast, effective, honest, and reliable service to solve the problem.

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Animal Remover employs a team of fully licensed and insured professionals that are highly trained to deal with animals in a safe manner. Arriving as uniformed technicians in a clearly marked and clean vehicle, we will promptly respond to your need for assistance.

We work with homeowners, commercial facilities, and municipalities as well as a wide range of animal species in the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio communities. Our animal removal services help protect your property without upsetting the natural balance between your home and theirs. We provide additional animal damage repair and cleanup service to keep your home safe for the future. If you find a dead animal on your property, we also provide full dead animal removal, deodorization and disinfection services. 

We provide a wide range of Animal Trapping, Animal in Attic Removal, Bat Removal, & Bird control services:

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