Animal Removal and Attic Dwellers

Mouse trap for attic animal removal

If your home isn’t properly sealed and protected, your attic becomes a very hospitable environment for some unwanted visitors. Well, to you, they’ll be visitors. Nuisance animals will stay as long as they are able, taking up residence and causing destruction. If you have creatures in your attic, you should contact a specialized animal removal company to take care of your problems. The skilled team at Animal Remover has gathered some of the most common animals that roost in attics.

Common Causes of Attic Animal Removal


Squirrels are the most common among attic dwellers. Needing only a small opening to enter, the likelihood of them finding a vulnerable spot to get into your home is higher than you think, unless you take preventative action. Although they’re cuter than the other rodents, they cause the same damage, leaving droppings and chewing everything—including electrical wire. Squirrels can carry diseases and pose a risk; squirrel removal is not something that you should try to handle yourself. A specialized animal removal company will ensure that the squirrels are taken care of humanely and efficiently.

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Rats are another common attic pest. Rats, unlike other rodents, don’t like to be in the wild. They prefer to be close to humans, which is why they are ordinarily more of a problem in big cities than in rural areas. They carry diseases, cause extensive damage and become an uncontrollable nuisance in a short amount of time. Professional rat removal is the only real safe and sure solution to a rat problem.


No one wants to have bats in their attic. Not only can they be a frightening, nocturnal nightmare, but they also carry diseases. The winged rodents can get into your attic through tiny openings and take up residence in your attic. Bats can enter your home through a ½ inch opening—usually near the edge of the roofline—and their droppings accumulate quickly, which creates a stench and a danger of disease or destruction. The best solution for bat removal is to leave it to the animal removal professionals.


One of the larger attic intruders, raccoons leave more visible signs of entry. You may see torn-off shingles, ripped up insulation or paths of debris. Not only do the furry foragers cause damage to your home, they can get scrappy and aggressive when confronted. Do not try to extract raccoons from your home by yourself, call for professional animal removal services.

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Birds are another underestimated intruder. They commonly find their way into your attic through architectural gaps or open windows and don’t seem to present an immediate danger. Their presence in your home leads to droppings, which can affect your insulation and eventually lead to disease flowing through the air ducts in your home. Birds in your attic should not be taken lightly; call for professional bird removal to have them safely extracted and protect your household from diseases.

Call Animal Remover

If you have unwanted guests in your attic, the only safe and sure way to handle it promptly is to call a professional animal removal service. Animal Remover’s wildlife control professionals are trained to extract pests, small or large, from your home. We also offer attic restoration services, where we repair the damage that the nuisance intruders have caused to your attic, and prevention services to seal your home and avert the pests from ever making it inside. Contact us at Animal Remover today for more information.