Animal Remover Advice: Homeowners Insurance and Animal Damage

Animal remover needed for black mouse tearing a hole in the wall

You wake up in the middle of the night to a commotion in your attic. The next day you walk around your house trying to figure out how the unknown intruder may have gotten into your attic, hoping to identify the breed of vermin, only to discover a hole chewed through your side-paneling. You’re able to ascertain that the creature is most likely a squirrel judging from the size of the hole, but you don’t know for certain. Not to mention, the person who built the house made the attic entry barely wide enough to fit through and you need a ladder to even reach it.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Animal Remover Services?

Maybe your age or health prevents you from being able to get into your attic, so you find yourself at a loss. Morning and night, you wake up to hearing the nuisance animals running around and it just keeps getting worse. They’ve made themselves at home and it sounds like they’re going to scratch through your ceiling at any time. You can only imagine the damage that they’ve done by now. So, what do you do? You call up your Homeowners Insurance hoping they might send an animal remover out to take care of it for you.

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Most of the Time, Homeowner’s Insurance Won’t Cover Extraction

Unfortunately, I can tell you right now that most homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover the aforementioned scenario. Although most coverage is determined on a case by case basis, 9 times out of 10, most policies contain a clause that excludes gradual damage caused by rodents. The way they figure it is that the homeowner could have taken proactive steps or measures to prevent the squirrels from entering by repairing vulnerable areas in the infrastructure. One thing Homeowners Insurance never covers is the hiring of a licensed animal remover.

Unexpected Acts of Nature Are the Exception

That being said, there is one caveat. Nearly all policies do cover sudden and unexpected damage to your house caused by rodents if it was the result of a windstorm, tornado, or tree falling that knocked a hole in your ceiling, allowing them to enter. However, if the squirrels entered the attic by chewing and clawing their way in through a weak spot on the infrastructure of the house, chances are you are out of luck. This general rule of thumb is applied as a determining factor in almost all cases, no matter what the animal is.

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Animal Remover: Your Local Wildlife Control Experts

If after reading all this, you feel like all hope is lost, I’m here to present a hassle-free solution to any and all of your wildlife control problems. Animal Remover is your local wildlife management experts. At Animal Remover, we employ a professional team with years of combined experience in providing safe and humane methods to get rid of unwanted house guests and protect your home from future intruders.

Beyond that, we also offer a wide range of animal damage repair and cleanup services. Don’t let those pesky nuisance animals take over your sacred space. Animal Remover is available around the clock to get you out of just about any and every hairy situation imaginable. Give us a call!