Animal Remover Busts the Myth of Mice and Eyesight

Animal Remover and mouse eyesight.

There are plenty of myths out there about infestations, and the kind of animals that will typically infest a residential or business property. At Animal Remover, we have enough experience and expertise in wildlife control to dispel some of these myths, however large or small they might be. When it comes to home infestations, it’s important to know the real facts about the animals you’re finding in your house so that you know how to deal with them.

In this blog entry, Animal Remover takes a look at mice. Specifically, the idea that mice have extremely poor eyesight, or are outright blind. Is this a myth? Is it a fact? Where did this idea come from? Animal Remover takes a look to answer the question, “Are mice blind?”

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The Blind Mice Myth

We can almost guarantee that everyone reading this is familiar with the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice. This rhyme goes all the back to the beginning of the 1600s and is thought to be a metaphor for three Protestant bishops executed by Queen Mary the 1st in England.

While this probably doesn’t account for the entire origin of the myth of mice having poor eyesight, how common it is even now would explain why so few people question the idea.

The Blind Mice Fact

The truth is a little more nuanced than mice being outright blind, or practically blind. Mice can see pretty well, but don’t have the best eyesight of the animal kingdom. Most of their focus is on finding food in small, cramped or dark spaces, so they don’t have much of an eye for detail beyond a short range.

Range of Vision and Movement

Although mice typically can’t see far in detail, they do have a fairly good range of vision. As with most rodents, mice’s eyes are at the sides of their head and protrude more than many other animals.

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The dome-like shape and the position of their eyes allow them to see more of the space around them than we can. But, the real key to a mouse’s vision is movement. A mouse can spot something or someone moving from as far as 45 feet away. While they might not be able to identify what the thing moving is, they can assume it’s a threat and find a place to hide.

Smell and Hearing

Any of the professionals at Animal Remover will tell that in most rodents, their real talent is for hearing and smelling things. Mice, rats and a wide variety of other rodents follow their noses to find the best source of food – as well as finding other rodents and various other things.

What’s the Verdict?

As with many myths, fact, rumors and misconceptions about animals, the truth here is somewhere between “yes” and “no”. Mice don’t have great vision but it is well adapted for their environment, and they’re certainly not blind.

Contact Animal Remover

Regardless of their eyesight, mice, rats and other types of rodent that be a persistent annoyance and health hazard once they settle in your home. The team at Animal Remover can assess the extent of an infestation, and decide on the best way to handle it. If you’re struggling with a rodent problem in your home or place of business, contact the animal removal experts today.