Animal Remover Explains How to Identify Birds in Your Yard

Bird Removal: Birds in Tree

Birds are beautiful animals. Their colorful plumage comes in all different shades, from black and white to deep reds and purples. Melodic bird calls allow them to communicate with one another and sing to us as we walk outside. Animal Remover explains how to identify birds as you explore your surroundings, look outside your window, or gaze upon your bird feeder.

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If you see a bird, note its size, shape, and color patterns. Some birds may have similar color patterns but vary in size. For example, both an American goldfinch and evening grosbeak are yellow, black, and white. However, the grosbeak is much bigger and has a thicker beak. Color patterns can differentiate one species from the next, even if two birds have the same basic colors, size, and shape. Color variations and different patterns happen across the same types of birds, such as sparrows, hawks, and finches. Animal Remover can help you identify birds if you have a pest on hand.


You may not see a bird, but instead, you hear it in the distance. Songbirds have very distinct calls used to communicate with each other. Ornithologists, or people who study birds, believe chickadees can change their calls to have different meanings, almost like a language. This is especially important when it comes to finding food or locating their young. Keep an ear out for the distinct call of the whip-poor-will, a bird with a three-syllable whistle that pierces the evening sky. Woodpeckers chip away at tree bark with their quick and repetitious hammering sounds. Crows call out to each other over long distances, so listen for a crow’s call and then a response with “caw-caw.” If you can’t see the birds that have invaded your property, Animal Remover assists you in finding a solution for your bird problem.


If you happen upon a bird’s nest in the spring or early summer, you might see eggs in the nest. Various bird species lay different colored eggs, which makes it easier to identify an individual nest. Robin eggs are a beautiful sky-blue color. Chickadees lay white eggs with tiny black or brown speckles. Sparrow eggs have a base white color with splotches of gray, blue, purple, black, or brown. Bird size determines the size of the eggs, as smaller birds have smaller eggs. Animal Remover has a way to relocate bird nests if one becomes a nuisance.  

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Call Animal Remover for Assistance

Identifying birds is fun, especially when you solve the mystery of which bird flitters around your windows or has a nest in a tree. If birds become a problem on your property or in your home, contact Animal Remover or call us at (513) 324-9453. We can humanely relocate and remove any pest animals in your home or on your property.

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