Animal Remover Performs Inspections for Prospective Homeowners

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When you are looking to buy a home, it can be a very exciting and stressful time. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you’ll be thinking about the pros and cons of each property you’re considering. One of the items you should be thinking about is if the property had a wildlife control problem? Animal Remover can help you figure that out.

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Animal Inspections for Home Buyers

An animal inspection may find some issues that you and even the seller may not be aware of. Wild animals do billions in dollars of damage to homes every year, and much of that damage will be hidden. Many times, animals will be in the walls, attics, and the crawl spaces.

General home inspectors do a great job, but sometimes they might miss a problem that a specialist would find. Many home inspectors do not go into attics or crawl spaces for liability reasons. But this is a necessary step if you want to be sure your potential home doesn’t have hidden problems.

Many times, you can learn a lot about a home with a simple visual inspection and asking a few questions. Follow these steps to learn if your potential new home has had or currently has animal problems.

Obvious Signs of Animal Problems

Look for holes in the roofing, siding, soffit, siding, or around the foundation of the home. Check to see if the chimneys have caps. Do the vents have screens? If there are large holes around the foundation or in the soffit, roofing, or siding, there may have been or there currently is an animal problem.

Black marks around the entry points are telltale signs there’s been an animal intrusion. These black marks are a result of the dirt and oil that is in an animal’s fur rubbing against entry and exit points. Some animals are much cleaner than others and leave little to no black rub marks at all. Look at gutter downspouts and fence posts. These are areas that animals will utilize to climb up the home and gain access to the roof areas. You will sometimes see black rub marks, scratch marks, and even paw prints.

Sniff Out Animal Problems

While inside the home, be wary of any abnormal smells that you may come across. Sellers will often contribute these smells to the house being stale just because no one has lived there in a while. Though sometimes a musky odor may be the result of some moisture that is retained in the home, it could also be the result of animal urine or droppings that may be present in the home. Be sure to ask questions about the smells and if you’re not satisfied by the answer, think about asking for a professional animal inspection.

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Listen for Animal Noises

Listen for any noises in the walls, attic, or ceiling space of the home. Settling noises are normal in homes but they are usually inconsistent. Animal noises are usually pretty consistent and will typically occur in the same area at the same time. Sometimes the animals may move to other areas of the home and the noises could continue in those areas. Some animals are active during the day, so you might hear these noises while at the showing of the home. Other animals are active during the night, so it’s less likely you’ll hear them.

Interview the Current Owner

Ask the current homeowner if they have ever had an animal problem or if they have ever heard any noises. If they say yes, ask them how long ago it occurred and how they fixed the problem. Ask about any repairs done to the home within the past year and why they were done. Keep in mind that animals may only live in a home for a short time, so some people will downplay the issue. But animal invasion for any period of time is a serious issue because once animals inhabit a structure, they will leave signs behind like droppings and urine that may attract other animals, and animals almost always return.

Even if you follow these steps exactly, you still may not discover if the property has had an animal problem. That’s why it is really important to contact a licensed and insured wildlife control company to have a professional animal inspection performed at the property.

Animal Remover Conducts Thorough Wildlife Control Inspections

We provide professional and comprehensive animal inspections. We will work on the buyer’s behalf and will perform a full animal inspection on the home. During the animal inspection we inspect the roof, soffits, fascia, gutters, vents, attic, crawl space, foundation, deck, porch, patio, and any other necessary areas where animal activity can occur.

We look for signs like droppings, urine, disturbance to insulation, rub marks, paw prints, chew marks, scratch marks, damaged wiring, damaged duct piping, animal fur, smells, and sounds. We also use high tech equipment to complete these inspections such as thermal detection cameras, pinhole cameras, motion cameras, and listening devices.

Contact Animal Remover For Wildlife Control Solutions

We determine if there are wild animals currently living in the home or if there is any evidence that wild animals have lived in the home in the past. We will also give recommendations for how to remedy the animal problem, how to clean up the mess, and ways to prevent the problem from recurring. Our repair services are warrantied so you’re covered if the wildlife control problem reoccurs. Give us a call at (513) 324-9453 or contact us online for more information.

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