Animal Remover: Should I Use Rat Poison?

Rat eating rat poison off the floor

When you have a rat problem, rat poison may be the first and simplest solution you think of. However, rat poison can pose serious health risks if used incorrectly. Animal Remover explains the dangers of using rat poison and why you should consider using other rat removal methods.

A Danger to Children

One of the main reasons rat poison shouldn’t be used is that it is potentially dangerous to small children. Crawling toddlers and babies put many foreign objects into their mouths and may not know that they’re ingesting something toxic. According to the 2016 poison control report, children 6 and under were involved in over half of the documented exposures.

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Danger to Furry Friends

While rat poison is made for rats, other animals may also be affected by it. If you have indoor four-legged family members, they’re at risk for being poisoned. Your fur babies are curious animals and they get into anything and everything. When they come into contact with rats who’ve ingested the poison, your furry friends are also at risk.

Danger to Your Home

While rat poison has been known to be an effective method, it can also leave rats dying all over your home. It can be hard to locate a dead rat by anything other than the smell. It’s possible you may never even find the carcass of the animal and it can be left sitting inside your walls. If you do end up finding it, you may have to break into the wall to remove it. By using rat traps, you know exactly where the body can be found and when you need to dispose of it.

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Danger to Other Wildlife

If a rat escapes your home after consuming rat poison, it can harm other animals outside of your home. If a hawk, fox, or other animal eats the rat, it can become poisoned and die. Endangering other wildlife is a potential risk associated with using rat poison as a rodent removal method.

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