Animal Remover Uses Netting for Wildlife Control

Berry bushes under netting

Bird and other wildlife control can be difficult tasks. When you’re trying to protect your property, fish, or garden, birds, raccoons, geese, and minks can be a big problem. In today’s blog, Animal Remover details your options.

Heavy-Duty Netting

If you want to keep birds out of an area such as bell towers, steeples, covered loading dock ceilings, horse stables, warehouses, airplane hangars, and any other exposed or open areas, heavy-duty bird netting is an excellent choice. The netting can be installed in several different ways that will not cause any damage to the structure. It is available in any size and is available in a variety of colors. Heavy-duty bird netting carries a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

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Koi Pond Netting and Industrial Pond Netting

Pond netting is the best choice to keep unwanted animals like raccoons, geese, mute swans, mink, belted kingfishers, great blue herons, and green herons out of your pond. Pond netting will not only protect your pond from the birds, but it can also protect birds from drinking contaminated water. This product works very well for Koi ponds, tailing ponds, retention ponds, hatcheries, collection sites, and oil pits. Pond netting has a break strength of 116-pounds, so it will hold up to things falling on it or large birds landing on it. This product includes a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

Garden Netting

It can be very frustrating when you go to harvest something from your garden and find that some critter got to it first. Garden netting is the best choice to keep that from happening. The netting will keep unwanted animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, deer, and birds out of your garden. This bird deterrent works very well and will keep your plants safe. This product is installed by constructing a tubular structure out of a metal or plastic pipe and then mounting the netting to the structure.

We can also make specialized access doors so that you can get to your plants. The netting has a break strength of 116-pounds so it will hold up to large birds landing on it or heavy things falling on it. Garden netting can be installed like a dome over your garden to keep all animals out or installed like walls around your garden to keep terrestrial animals out. This product carries a two-year guarantee for installation defects.

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Contact Animal Remover for Netting Installation

We share the earth with a variety of animals, but your property is not their natural habitat. Animal Remover provides Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana wildlife control. Contact us so we can install netting to help you with wildlife management.