Bat Removal: How Our Bat Houses Work

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Bats are amazing creatures. Collectively, they eat tons of insects every night. Bats are the world’s only flying mammals, and they form a vital part of Earth’s ecosystem. Yet bats can be a nuisance if they get into your attic for shelter. One way to help control bats on your property is to have a bat house. In today’s blog from the bat removal experts, Animal Remover explains how our bat houses work.

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Why Get a Bat House?

While a bat house doesn’t exclude a bat from your attic, it may prevent a bat infestation or the need for bat removal in the future. Having a bat around can help control insects on your property, particularly if you have a garden and you want to keep veggie-munching insects away. Bats love to eat moths and mosquitoes.

What a Bat House Looks Like

A bat house is rectangular and very narrow. It’s also made of dark material that’s rough on the inside because bats need rough surfaces upon which to climb. The idea is to mimic the space between a tree’s bark and a tree trunk because bats live in trees during the summer months. 

A bat house has an opening at the bottom for bats to go in. It should be 18 to 30 inches tall, about 8 inches wide, and about 5 inches thick. There are small vents on the side so the bats have air circulation. In terms of bat removal, you want the space inside of a bat house to be comfy, cozy, and dark.

Where to Put a Bat House

You might see photos of bat houses against a tree. This is not the best place for these structures because predators, like owls and hawks, can easily nab bats as they fly out of their home. Bat houses work best when placed against buildings, ironically. Against the side of a house or barn is the ideal location, or you can mount a bat house on a dedicated pole. 

Bat houses should be 10 to 12 feet off the ground and face in a south or southeast direction while getting direct sun. Bats love warm temperatures as they sleep during the day, and they like it between 85 and 100 degrees. The warmth of your attic is why bats may seek it out for shelter, and why you may need bat removal services.

How You Know You Have Bats

You know you have bats in your bat house when you see bat droppings on the ground beneath it. Don’t try to look up inside the opening. Rather, spend some time watching the bat house to see if one of these beautiful flying mammals comes in or out at dawn or dusk.  

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Bat Removal by Animal Remover

Bat houses are great if you want natural pest control for mosquitoes and moths. They’re also fantastic for bat removal if you want to give them a place to live other than in your attic. We have bat houses you can buy, and we can also install them on your property! Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details on our bat removal services.

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