Are Groundhogs Dangerous? Animal Remover Answers

Animal Remover and groundhogs

At Animal Remover, we take care of a range of different animals that can potentially become a nuisance. One of these animals is the groundhog. Groundhogs are often not associated with the idea of infestations or as being nuisance animals, but they certainly can be if they decide to make their home on your property.

There are a number of different downsides that come with a groundhog problem that can be irritating and sometimes expensive – but can they actually be dangerous to humans? The Animal Remover blog takes a closer look.

What are the typical problems with groundhogs?

Firstly, we’ll take a brief look at the more typical problems that people might be familiar with when it comes to groundhogs as problem animals. If you grow vegetables, groundhogs present a big problem for your crops. Groundhogs love vegetables, and they’re likely to burrow close to the source, as well as just eating your produce. This will result in the soil and ground getting weak – this even has the potential to damage the foundations of barns, sheds, and even houses.

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Are groundhogs ever aggressive?

We can already see the problems for produce and properties that groundhogs can pose – but what about people? Are groundhogs aggressive? Like any other wild animal that isn’t used to human contact, groundhogs tend to avoid people when they’re nearby, hiding, or bolting for cover.

However, also just like any other wild animal, groundhogs have the potential to get aggressive if they’re cornered. Trying to capture wild groundhogs on your property yourself is risky – the distinctive incisors of a groundhog can do a lot of damage if they’re scared enough to bite.

Do groundhogs carry diseases?

Speaking of bites – Animal Remover is always series about the risk of rabies. Groundhogs are no different to any other wild animal. If there’s a groundhog on your property that seems unusually aggressive or confrontational toward humans, there’s a good chance they’re rabid.

This is especially risky if you have livestock, four-legged family members, or small children who might not understand the risk. This is also another reason you should call a professional animal removal service like Animal Remover, rather than trying to take care of the problem yourself.

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Aside from rabies, a bite or a scratch from a scared groundhog also carries the risk of infection or diseases. This includes a rare disease called tularemia, which can cause severe, flu-like symptoms. Groundhogs can also carry ticks, which themselves can carry Lyme disease.

Choose Animal Remover For Groundhog Problems

If you have a problem with groundhogs on your property, contact Animal Remover for professional wildlife control today. We do our best to always find humane, safe solutions to solve your infestation issues. Take a look on our website to find out what other types of animal removal we offer.