Commercial Bird Removal With Bird Netting

Bird removal with bird netting

Birds can wreak havoc on your property and business when the population gets out of hand. Birds are considered a nuisance species because of the damage they can cause and the diseases that can be transferred to humans.

Bird netting is an effective, long-lasting, low-profile way to keep birds out of unwanted area. Properly used, it is a great tool in wildlife control. Bird netting will create a low profile physical barrier that will keep nuisance birds away from your valuable properties. The netting is made of high-density polyethylene material. It comes in a variety of mesh sizes and can be cut to size for a custom solution for your needs. It is flexible, durable, and designed to prevent injury to birds.

Outdoor Gardens, Fresh Produce and Flowers

Your garden efforts can be quickly undone when birds discover your tasty fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Bird removal experts will suggest bird netting to keep the birds out, allowing your garden produce to develop from seed to table. One great method to protect your plants is to create a greenhouse type of enclosure covered in netting.

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With their open areas and food supply, fisheries are favorite targets for predatory birds. The type of bird netting for this commercial bird removal will be different from netting for a residential use. Due to the larger size of birds needing to be deterred, the netting should be stronger and have a larger mesh size. Netting material should also be white so that it is visible to large seabirds from above. They will be deterred from diving for food by the sight of the barrier. Depending on the arrangement of the ponds, the bird netting may need to be supported by a cable system across the waterways.

Ponds and Water Sources

Bird removal solutions here will be similar to those used for fisheries. The netting material chosen will depend upon the type and size of birds needing to be deterred. Cable systems may be required, depending on the size of the area needing to be contained.

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Landfills provide a rich source of food for birds. Large numbers of birds can create health and safety issues for humans. In some landfills, the seagull population has become so dense that bulldozer operators have a hard time navigating. In addition, many landfills are near airports. Birds can cause damage to planes and even cause accidents by being in the flight path. Because of the large area involved, a cable system may be needed to support the netting.


Bird netting is a particularly effective bird removal solution for large areas such as rooftops. Roosting birds can produce large amounts of bird droppings. They cause health hazards, damage to property, and unsightly messes. The type of bird netting material required will depend upon the bird species and sizes requiring exclusion.

Contact Animal Remover for Your Bird Removal Needs

Your success depends upon using bird netting with the proper weight and material for your situation and the bird population you are trying to exclude. Bird netting comes in a variety of shapes and forms. Contact the animal removal experts at Animal Remover for the appropriate solution for your bird removal needs. We will remove nuisance birds humanely with our safe and non-lethal bird netting products, and we will work with you to keep them away for good. If you need some help with bird removal on your property, let Animal Remover help.

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