Common Summer Wildlife Control Problems


Wildlife control, also known as nuisance wildlife management, refers to the selective removal of problem individual or populations of various species of wildlife. In some cases, certain wildlife can become habituated to our human presence. Having wildlife species living near humans can create problems such as transfer of disease and risk of injury. Leave wildlife control to the experts. Animal Remover aims to help you with various summer wildlife issues.

Wildlife can take up residence in your home, attic, basement, chimney, or sheds. They can cause damage, and they could proliferate disease through various diseases they carry or transmit through their droppings.

Why Summer Sees an Uptick of Wildlife Control Issues

Summertime can increase a species’ population due to the warm weather. Springtime has brought new baby critters, increasing the population. Wildlife search for water in the heat, and this can bring them closer to humans. Your summer barbecues may also attract them if you are not cleaning up food scraps properly.

Some common nuisance species include squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums and bats. Spring and summer migrations patterns may increase bird populations in your area.

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While there are actions that you can take to minimize wildlife population around your home and property, wildlife control and animal removal are serious jobs best left to professionals.

Wildlife Control Tips: How You Can Help


Prevention is your greatest tool when it comes to wildlife control. Minimize conditions that will attract animals onto your property. Keep the area free of debris, and secure trash containers so pests cannot get into them. Take your trash out the morning of trash pickup, not the night before. If you feed your four-legged family members outdoors, bring in the bowls when they are done eating. If you practice composting, cover and secure your compost pile.


Keep any tree limbs trimmed so that animals cannot get on your roof and into your attic or chimney. Do an annual visual inspection of the exterior of your home. Look for any areas where a critter can enter your home. Keep a close eye on loose fascia, gutters that have pulled away, holes in any construction materials, etc.

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Animal Remover and Wildlife Control

Animal Remover is your local expert in dealing with wildlife control. With years of training and experience, we are equipped to meet your needs in a professional and efficient manner. We employ a number of techniques: trapping, exclusion and habit modification. We are knowledgeable of federal, state and local laws related to wildlife control, and we practice humane techniques in the trapping, removal, and relocation of wildlife. Please call us today for a free quote at (513) 324-9453.