Dead Animal Removal Tips for Disposing of a Dead Bird

Dead animal removal tips for a dead bird in your yard

Finding a dead bird in your yard is a common but unpleasant occurrence. Birds die for many reasons including predatory attacks, succumbing to disease, or even flying into your house. When you find a dead bird, it’s important that you dispose of it properly. One of our specialties at Animal Remover is dead animal removal. To help you next time you find a dead bird in your yard, we’ve listed the steps you should take.

Wear Gloves

When performing any dead animal removal, always wear gloves. Birds can carry harmful diseases, so you’ll want to take precautionary steps to protect yourself. Be sure to use disposable gloves that you can throw away after handling the bird. If you use gardening gloves, you run the risk of contaminating the gloves with bacteria from the bird’s body.  

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Dispose of it Properly

After you’ve put on disposable gloves, pick up the bird and place it in a sealable plastic bag. If you don’t want to pick up the bird with your hands, use a shovel. Once you’ve placed the bird in the bag, seal it up and place the bag in another. Double-bagging the bird will lower the chances of attracting scavengers or bugs. After double-bagging the bird, place it in your outdoor garbage can for disposal. Seal the garbage can with a lid to prevent scavengers from rummaging through your trash can. Additionally, a lid will prevent any unpleasant odors from escaping.   

Proper disposal is an important aspect of dead animal removal. Never leave the bird’s body in a brush or compost pile, because you may end up attracting unwanted raccoons, rats, and even stray domesticated animals. Some scavengers may become ill after eating the dead bird and others may see your yard as a new food source, coming back over and over. To prevent these problems from occurring, it’s important that you properly dispose of the body in the trash.

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Clean Afterwards

After double-sealing the bird in plastic bags and placing it in your garbage can, be sure to clean your hands and any tools that you used, such as your shovel. Properly disinfecting yourself and your equipment is an important component of dead animal removal because it prevents the potential spread of disease. Additionally, if the bird bleeds on your grass, be sure to remove the patch of soil. Removing the soil is especially important if you have four-legged family members. If your fur baby licks or smells the soil, you run the risk of spreading disease.

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At Animal Remover, we pride ourselves in safe, reliable, and effective animal removal methods, including dead animal removal. If you suspect an animal has died in your house, we can locate the animal, dispose of the body, and disinfect and deodorize the area. We also specialize in removing larger animals from your yard, such as deer, raccoons, and opossums. If you are in need of dead animal removal, contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 today!