Geese Found in Ohio From the Geese Removal Experts

Geese Removal Snow Goose Flying

Geese are beautiful waterfowl that migrate to find food every year based on the weather patterns of the seasons. You might see geese fly over in the spring and fall, or you might hear them make their characteristic “honking” calls as they migrate. Geese live in Ohio at various times of the year. The geese removal experts at Animal Remover highlight the different geese species found in Ohio.

Canada Goose

Canada geese have a distinctive coat of brown feathers with a black-and-white head. Chances are good that you’ve seen a flock of Canada geese near the Ohio River or in some of our parks. Springtime is nesting season, so it’s a good idea to avoid Canada geese in the spring. Otherwise, these waterfowl have a generally pleasant and docile disposition. Canada geese readily take food from humans, which can turn these birds into a nuisance. Geese removal might be a good idea if these animals keep coming around your property looking for food.

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Canada geese are everywhere in Ohio. They frequently live near human developments if there’s water nearby. Call for geese removal if these animals leave a lot of droppings on your property, harass your family, or nest on your land. Canada geese can quickly become pests because they live permanently in Ohio instead of migrating to the north or south during the change of seasons.

Greater White-Fronted Goose

Greater white-fronted geese live in Ohio during the winter months, as this species lives in Canada and Alaska during the summer. Greater white-fronted geese are brown, with a circle of white around their heads at the beak and white near the tail feathers. The beak is generally red, with a black line on the beak to make it appear as if these geese have a smile. These geese are somewhat rare in Ohio, but you might see them in cornfields, marshes, or near ponds. You may need geese removal if some greater white-fronted geese stay behind in the summer months rather than migrating back to the Arctic.

Snow Goose

Snow geese are either white or bluish-gray. The more common color is all-white with black wingtips and possibly black tail feathers. There is a characteristic black “laughing patch” on the bill that makes it look like snow geese are smiling. Snow geese flock to Ohio in the winter, usually stopping in crop fields, wetlands, or possibly lakes. Call for geese removal if snow geese become a problem while pecking away at crops or if your outdoor four-legged family members encounter them.

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Geese Removal at Animal Remover

The geese removal experts at Animal Remover know how to safely and humanely transport live geese away from your property. Contact or call us at (513) 324-9453 when you have problem geese at your home or business.

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