Goose Management Tips: What Kind Of Goose Is On My Property?

Identifying Geese and Goose Management

It’s inevitable that at some point in the year you’ll either see geese in your yard or at least flying overhead. Most of us are pretty familiar with the Canada goose, in fact, it’s probably the image that pops into your head when you think of geese. What you might not know is that there’s actually six different kinds of geese in North America. Today we’ll be focusing on the three most commonly seen geese. If you see a goose in your yard, check out our handy guide to determine what kind of goose it is. Remember, let professionals take care of your goose management issues, contact Animal Remover if geese are invading your property.

Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is marked by its signature black head and neck, with white patches. They have a brown feathered body. This is by far the most common species of goose in North America. These migratory birds can often be found in smaller sized flocks, near bodies of fresh water. These birds are extremely adaptable to human environments and actually thrive where humans live. This is why they have become a nuisance animal. Our goose management service specializes in the removal of Canada Geese. If Canada geese are invading your property, contact the goose management professionals at Animal Remover right away. We can take care of your issue efficiently and humanely.

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Snow Goose

If you don’t have Canada geese in your yard, you’re probably looking at Snow geese. Snow geese are the second most common goose species in North America. They are marked by their snowy white plumage. Most snow geese are completely white feathered, but they can often have a blue-gray body with a white head. These birds aren’t usually overabundant in the Midwest and aren’t typically considered a nuisance species.


Finally, there’s the Brant Goose. The brant is marked by several different colors. There’s the dark-bellied, pale-bellied, and black brant. Brants are the smallest of the common geese in the United States. These geese typically have grayish to black plumage depending on the geographic location. They also usually have a pure white undertail. Brants are also fairly uncommon in the Midwest. They are not typically considered a nuisance bird.

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Contact Animal Remover for Your Goose Management Needs

Animal Remover specializes in goose management. If you have geese causing issues on your property, give us a call today. We’ll send out a goose management team to humanely get the problem under control. Trust Animal Remover with your nuisance animal control needs.