Having Backyard Picnics This Summer? Here’s How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away

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A backyard picnic is one of the best ways to spend a warm summer day with family or friends. But when nuisance wildlife decides to crash the party, it can quickly turn into a disaster.

If you plan to host a backyard party or two this summer, it’s best to be prepared for the possibility that an animal or two might decide to stop by and join the fun. Fortunately, the pros at Animal Remover can provide expert tips.

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Why does nuisance wildlife show up at backyard picnics?

Wondering why wild animals always seem to show up in your backyard? It really comes down to three main things:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

If your yard provides easy access to these things, nuisance wildlife will always come.

How to keep nuisance wildlife away

The key to keeping nuisance wildlife away from your backyard is to make it as unpleasant for them as possible. You don’t have to be cruel or harm any animals to achieve this. Instead, you can simply make your backyard an unwelcoming place for critters. Here’s how:

  • Bring all picnic food inside at night. Don’t leave anything out!
  • Scatter or spray a natural repellent in your backyard.
  • Tightly secure trash can lids so animals cannot get into them.
  • Take your pet food inside at night instead of leaving it out on the deck.
  • Remove bird feeders from your backyard.
  • Install fencing or barriers around pools, decks, and other areas that attract animals.
  • Repair any damage to your deck (like holes or cracks) that allow easy access for animals to get underneath it.
  • Install automatic sprinklers that are motion-activated.
  • Use a flashing infrared system to deter animals from coming into your backyard.
  • Remove branch piles and debris (like grass clippings or leaves).
  • Hire a professional wildlife management company to humanely trap the animals and remove them from your property.

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Need help to enjoy animal-free backyard picnics this summer? Call Animal Remover 

Wild animals are extremely persistent, especially when they discover food, water, or shelter in your backyard. If you’re struggling to keep animals out of your backyard this summer, call Animal Control at (513) 324-WILD or contact us online. We can help!

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