Just How Smart Are Raccoons? Our Nuisance Wildlife Management Expert Explains

Raccoon in guttering

Did you know that raccoons favor chewing and tearing openings into your roof, soffit, gutter line, fascia, and attic? It’s true! Once inside, they will defecate and urinate onto your attic insulation, and chew on wires that can lead to home fires! 

In fact, 9 out of 10 home fires with unknown origins are usually caused by pest invasions. In today’s blog, our expert at Animal Remover will cover the topic of raccoon removal and just how smart raccoons are.

Just How Smart Are Raccoons?

Raccoons are extremely intelligent, curious, and cunning creatures. This fact has actually been proven and represented in the American Psychological Association. 

In their time capsule article, Raccoon Intelligence At the Borderlands of Science, the publication covers the discovery of raccoon intelligence between the years 1905-1915 in detail. Through various testing and comparisons made to human behavior, raccoons proved they were capable of “complex forms of mental association, a quality that many scientists argued non-human animals did not possess.” 

Just like humans, raccoons are capable of building mental preferences in where they live and what they do, instead of simply following animal instincts. 

Raccoons Getting Into Stuff

Raccoons love to get into things. Trash cans. Attics. Chicken coops. Bird nests. 

But these nocturnal mammals do so much more. Watch this video from BBC. You’ll be astounded. This raccoon showcases problem-solving skills by opening latches with its paws and teeth. 

Now just imaging this guy’s buddies getting in your home.

How Do I Know If I Have A Raccoon Problem?

You will definitely hear them if you have a raccoon invasion in your attic. Since raccoons are larger animals, you will most likely hear them shuffling around or detect scratching noises from the walls.

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Don’t Try To Remove Them Yourself

It’s important to understand that raccoons create nests for their young, not just for themselves. If you try to trap a mother raccoon, or lock her out of the attic with a “one way door”, you are essentially killing her young. Baby raccoons are not capable of surviving without their mother. Mother raccoons also keep their nest hidden from view, so it’s possible you’ll be killing the babies and then rendering yourself unable to find the nest.

You definitely need a professional nuisance wildlife management company on hand to take care of raccoon removal safely and effectively. 

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A Warning About Raccoon Poop

Raccoon feces are known for carrying diseases and parasites, particularly roundworm. Our staff can look for these things and remove them safely.

Raccoon Removal by Animal Remover

Animal Remover specializes in efficient removal of raccoons, as well as cleaning up the messes they leave behind. Do you see signs of damage in your attic? Do you hear them at night while trying to relax?  Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details on our raccoon removal services!


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