Keep Skunks Away to Avoid Needing Skunk Removal


Skunks may look cute to some people, but they make the worst kind of stench, tear up your lawn, spray your four-legged family members, and dig holes under your porch. They also carry diseases that can harm your fur babies. If you have a skunk living in your lawn, you should contact Animal Remover for skunk removal. We can relocate them in a humane way. Before you need skunk removal, however, you should take precautions so that skunks have a harder time getting into your yard and under your home.

Keep Skunks’ Favorite Foods Out of Reach

Skunks eat just about everything. At Animal Remover, we often have to perform skunk removal because skunks got into someone’s trash or garden. You can take a few steps, however, to pack away these goodies and keep them from attracting skunks to your yard. Use trash can lids that can’t be easily removed. Don’t leave pet food out at night, either. Skunks love these tasty treats. You should also clear your lawn of fallen berries, fruits, and nuts. You will need skunk removal if those smelly nuisance animals see free food lying in your lawn.

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Try Motion Sensor Lights & Sprinklers

Skunks live nocturnal lives and love to eat and forage in the dark. Light can help repel them from your lawn. Motion sensors will reduce your costs and will let you keep skunks away without lighting your entire lawn at all times. Sprinklers act as great deterrents as well. You can get motions sensor triggered sprinklers that will spray anything that sets it off. This will startle a skunk and scare him away.

Build a Privacy Fence or Barrier

Skunks mainly use their claws for digging, and they cannot climb or jump very well. This makes fences the perfect solution for keeping them off your property. If you choose a privacy fence, skunks will be discouraged from trying to tunnel beneath it because they won’t know what is on the other side. You can also use fencing beneath your deck to deter skunks from burrowing under your deck for the winter. Oftentimes, skunks will dig beneath a deck in the winter and make a nest for themselves during the colder months.

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If All Else Fails, Get Skunk Removal

If these deterrents fail, you can always turn to the trusted, final solution of skunk removal. At Animal Remover, we take great pride in providing humane animal removal services for all different types of nuisance animals. Contact Animal Remover today to get started.

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