Raccoon​ ​Removal​: Deter Raccoons From Your Home This Winter

Raccoon removal needed for raccoon in tree

If you are someone who thinks raccoons are cute and cuddly creatures, don’t let their looks deceive you. You could not be further from the mark. If you have raccoons anywhere in your home, you should call for raccoon removal service immediately. These “cute” animals can do a lot of damage. In fact, it’s much better to not invite them into your homes at all. Winters in Ohio are cold not just for people but for raccoons, too, and your home looks cozy. Try these tips to deter raccoons from your home and to save yourself from calling a raccoon removal company.

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A Note on Their Favorite Nesting Spots

Some homeowners do not know where to even start with raccoons. You know these large, clever creatures love to get into the trash and sometimes wish evil on your four-legged family members, but do you know which parts of your home look most inviting to them? When Animal Remover arrives on the scene for raccoon removal, we often find raccoons in one of these four places: inside the attic, inside the chimney, beneath the porch, and beneath your house in the crawlspace.

Keep Trash in Metal Bins and On the Corner

Take the trash out when it needs to go, but make sure you keep the trash on the corner, far far from your home. Raccoons love an easy meal, and your trash just might be the tastiest buffet around. If that’s the case, you’ll want those treats locked up and difficult to get to. You will also want it far from your warm home, so these scavengers don’t get any ideas of making your home a bed and breakfast.

Trim Trees Near Your Home

If trees grow near your home, chances are their branches act like perfect bridges for raccoons. These problem animals love to climb, and they do it well. You may think a raccoon on the roof is no big deal, but they can easily get into your chimney from up there. These clever animals have also been known to rip off shingles and ventilators to get to the warmth and comfort of your attic. Make sure all branches stop at least five feet short of your roof. This will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will need a team of raccoon removal professionals this winter.

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Use Mesh to Close the Area Beneath Your Porch

When it comes to the area beneath your porch and your crawl space, you will want to install galvanized steel mesh. Implant the mesh at least six inches, otherwise, these problem animals will find a way to tear it out. You can use this same mesh to cover any entrances to your crawl space.

Did They Still Get in? Call for Raccoon Removal Today

Where there is a will, there’s a way. Though these tips will deter almost all raccoons, some may find a way past your home’s burly defenses. If this happens, our Animal Remover team will be there to get these creatures out and get your home back to normal.