Reducing House Fire Risk With Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal may have prevented this house fire

A squirrel problem may seem like no problem at all… until it becomes a big problem, that is. Because their bushy, curly tails are cuter than that of a rat and they can be entertaining to watch outside, people too often forget how menacing squirrels can be. They aren’t just unwanted intruders; squirrels can invade your house, cause destruction and endanger your home and your family and require you to hire a squirrel removal company like Animal Remover.

Why You Should Call Animal Remover Your Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are rodents, and like mice and rats, their teeth are constantly growing; this creates an incessant need to chew on things and file down their sharp teeth. This is why it’s easy for them to burrow through vulnerable spots and into your home.

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Squirrels will chew on just about anything, from the wood and framework in your attic to the electrical wires that they find throughout your home. A squirrel chewing electrical wire creates an urgent and dangerous situation, as this causes thousands of house fires every year.

The electrical wires get hot as electricity flows through them. For this reason, the wires in your home have a protective plastic insulation, to keep nearby objects from getting overheated. When a squirrel chews through and exposes the electrical wire, neighboring surfaces and materials are subject to that heat, which puts your home in imminent danger of a fire.

Now May Be a Good Time to Call

If you think you might have a squirrel or rodent problem, it’s best that you take action now and not let another day go by that your home and family are at risk. Animal Remover can come in and safely handle your squirrel removal once and for all. Your squirrel removal will be handled humanely and efficiently; we also offer prevention services, to keep them from re-entry and give your home security again.

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Although squirrels seem less disgusting and threatening than other rodents, squirrel removal is still not an undertaking that you should tackle without a professional. Squirrels carry diseases, and Animal Remover’s professionals are trained to extract them safely.

Animal Remover Can Help You Take Preventative Action

If you don’t have a need for squirrel removal, but you don’t want to wait and see, Animal Removal can provide prevention services that will keep you from ever having problems with the rowdy rodents. Animal Remover will take every step, installing guards and sealing your home, so that the uninvited guests can’t compromise your safety and your home.

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