Skunk Removal Tips for Getting Rid of Skunk Odor

Skunk removal removing the odor

There’s no mistaking the scent of a skunk. This potent, unpleasant odor is a skunk’s best defense against predators, and for good reason: the scent is incredibly hard to remove. If you or your family are unfortunate enough to get sprayed by a skunk, you may find yourself in a panic. Luckily, Animal Remover specializes in skunk removal, so we know how to deal with the smell of skunks. Here, our skunk removal experts discuss some ways to remove skunk odor.

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Four-Legged Friends

If your fur baby is sprayed, the odor can be unbearable. Luckily, there are a couple skunk removal methods for neutralizing the smell. Although many people think they should use tomato juice, it may not be the most effective method. Instead, use either apple cider vinegar or vanilla extract.

For the vinegar method, simply bathe yourself or your fur baby in a mixture of two parts apple cider vinegar and one part water, adjusting the quantities for the size of your domesticated animal. Let the mixture sit for about five minutes before rinsing. If you are trying the vanilla extract method, mix a cup of vanilla extract with a gallon of water, adjusting for quantity as needed. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing and shampooing. Both of these methods should neutralize the smell of the skunk.


If you get sprayed by a skunk, there is no need to throw out your clothes. With a little work, the smell can be removed. Simply throw your clothes in the washer with a mixture of vinegar, peroxide, and soap. This should dissolve the odors and get you smelling fresh again.

Furniture and Carpet

Unfortunately, the smell of a skunk can get into your home. If you go inside after being sprayed, the smell can quickly seep into your carpet, furniture, and other fabrics. If the smell is stuck in your furniture or carpet, you may need to purchase a specialized skunk removal spray. You can also create a mixture of soap, water, vinegar, and baking soda, but be careful because such mixtures could harm some delicate fabrics.

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Skunk Removal at Animal Removal

If you have a skunk in your house, garage, or any area of your property, it is important that you have a professional take care of the situation. Skunks are easily startled, and trying to remove a skunk on your own can result in a smell situation. If you are looking for skunk removal services, look no further than Animal Remover. We specialize in safe and effective animal removal and wildlife control methods. To learn more about our skunk removal services, contact us today!