Squirrel Removal: What Seasons Will You See Squirrels?

Squirrel in back yard

As far as wild animals go, few are more loved than squirrels. However, just like any wild animal, squirrels can quickly become pests, especially if they begin invading your yard or home. Squirrel removal is a prevalent need for homeowners, especially for homes in suburban areas. However, squirrels aren’t always a massive problem throughout the year. In today’s blog post, Animal Remover examines what seasons we are most likely to see squirrels and when squirrel removal becomes more common.

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Spring months are the first time since late fall that many people see squirrels flittering about. You might not regularly see any squirrels until late March or early April, depending on how winter goes. Unlike the fall, squirrels are not actively preparing for the winter by gathering nuts. That means squirrels are less likely to be pests in the spring. As the weather begins to get warmer, you naturally begin to see more and more squirrels outdoors and in your yard. Similarly, some states allow squirrel hunting in the spring. Hunting is an easy way to maintain the squirrel population if you live in a rural area, obviating the need for squirrel removal.


You tend to see squirrels throughout the entirety of the summer. However, you are less likely to see them running around when the heat is intense. If your area experiences brutal heat during the summer, squirrels take shelter in trees and anywhere that provides shade. Therefore, squirrels aren’t as active in summer as they are during spring or fall. If you have pet doors or open vents, you should make sure to seal them off as much as possible. Squirrels are known for trying to get inside a home by any opening they can find. Preventing the entry of these rodents saves you from a call to a squirrel removal company later.


Mid to late fall is the most active season for squirrels because they are gathering nuts for the chilly winter. Fall is also the busiest time for the squirrel removal business. As they prepare for winter, squirrels actively search for food during a process known as scatter-hoarding. This means they will stash their food in several hoards and scattered them from one place to another. So if squirrels are in your yard, you may begin to see these scattered hoards of acorns and seeds. If you see these hoards, the nest is probably nearby.

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During fall time, squirrels are preparing their nest for winter because they are one of the few rodents and mammals that don’t hibernate. However, squirrels are much less active during this cold season, so they need to prepare a nest and gather plenty of food. Sealing your home before the fall time is a good way to avoid squirrel removal service in the winter months.

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