Why Bat Removal Is Preferred to Extermination

Bat Removal Hanging in a Tree

Bat removal can be serious. If these winged mammals roost in your attic, you may have to deal with bat guano, rabies, diseases, and possibly damage to your insulation or home. Bats can be frightening to your children or fur babies, and they may cause agitation in your household. In today’s blog, Animal Remover discusses why capturing bats alive is preferred to extermination.

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No Chemicals

Capturing bats involves using nets and humane traps. Killing them may employ fumigants, sprays, or poison. You would have to leave your home if a bat removal company uses fumigants to kill these creatures. Poison may not be the best option if you have domesticated animals who may get into the attic. Sprays could leave behind residue. Live capture performed by a professional bat removal company is the best option for the safety of your family.  


Bats are a vital part of Ohio’s ecosystem. They consume thousands or even millions of insects every night when they hunt for food. Bats may also help pollinate crops. Bats help farmers by acting as natural insecticides and giving plants a way to breed properly. Releasing bats back into the wild will help increase their numbers while giving bats a better chance to breed, thanks in part to a professional bat removal service.

Scientific Study

Live bats offer scientists a chance to study these creatures before releasing them into the wild. Bats continue to face environmental pressures from white nose syndrome, climate change, and human encroachment into their natural habitat. Local scientists can examine the bats we capture if they need more information about how these creatures move through southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, or eastern Indiana. A bat removal company knows what to do with these wild animals after they capture them.

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Bat Removal Services from Bat Remover

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