Why Do Skunks Spray? Our Skunk Removal Expert Weighs In

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Skunks are very active animals during warm weather, particularly in late summer and early fall, as young skunks grow up and explore their world. Active skunks cavorting through your yard are one main reason for skunk removal in Greater Cincinnati. Our skunk removal expert answers the question, “Why do skunks spray?”

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Skunks spray in self-defense. They have sharp teeth and claws, but by the time they need to use those tools a potential predator is too close to them and can hurt them. A skunk can spray an animal up to 10 feet away, which creates an effective deterrent in the wild. Coyotes, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, badgers, and large owls may eat skunks. However, the spray is an effective deterrent because predation causes less than 5 percent of skunk deaths in the wild.


A skunk might happen upon an animal or a human as it forages for food, and the skunk is surprised by the encounter. Even if the animal isn’t a predator, a skunk will spray first without a second thought. Skunk removal and skunk deterrent is important to protect you and your family if they accidentally encounter a skunk sniffing around your yard.

Mating Season

Skunks also spray each other during mating season in the spring. Males compete with one another for females. Spraying is a natural part of this process, so you may smell skunk spray in the spring when this happens. 

Practice for Young Skunks

Young skunks tend to spray a lot because they encounter more animals as they learn to forage for food while avoiding predators. We get a lot of skunk removal calls late in the summer because residents will smell more skunk spray due to more and young skunks moving about as they leave their nests. 

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Skunk Removal by Animal Remover

The skunk removal experts Animal Remover offer 24/7 emergency service if you or your family encounters a skunk on your property. We’ll take care of skunks humanely and carefully. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details!

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