Why You Need Bird Removal at Your Business

Bird Removal Needed for Roof

Wild birds can turn into a nuisance very quickly. Whether you have four pigeons hanging out on your roof or dozens of starlings chittering in the oak tree by your front entrance, you may require bird removal to improve your place of business. In today’s blog, Animal Remover explains why you might need bird removal at your business.

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Increases Safety

Bird removal at your business increases safety for both your employees and customers. If birds have a nest nearby filled with eggs or they’re out with their hatchlings in the spring, they could choose to attack passersby who are perceived as a threat. Birds that fly into a grocery store could contaminate food. They might cause injuries due to employees trying to catch the creatures. Even one bird can cause a ruckus in your building by surprising an unsuspecting customer or employee who injures himself due to suddenly seeing a bird flying towards him or her.  

Lowers Chance of Dead Birds

Finding a dead bird in your building is never what you want. If left alone for a few days, a dead bird can cause a smell, attract insects, and create a public health hazard. Finding a dead bird is often difficult because the animal may be very small. Bird removal for your business prevents the additional risks associated with a dead animal on your property.

Reduces Diseases and Parasites  

Bird droppings carry as many as 60 diseases and 50 parasite species, some of which can spread to humans. E. coli, salmonella, and cryptococcosis (a lung disease) are common infections carried by ordinary birds. Starlings, pigeons, geese, and house sparrows may cause serious health problems due to the bacteria and fungi they ingest regularly. Bird removal can improve public health by lowering diseases that cause food poisoning. 

Bird droppings on shoes may track back to people’s homes or onto the floor within your building. Airborne fungi from these droppings can enter people’s lungs and cause respiratory problems. When a flock of hundreds of birds congregates on your business property, bird removal becomes essential to the health of your employees and customers. 

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Bird Removal from Animal Remover

Birds at your business can quickly get out of hand. That’s why bird removal should happen sooner rather than later. If you believe you have a growing bird problem, call the experts at Animal Remover at (513) 324-9453 or contact us online.