Wildlife Control for Properties With Ponds

Wildlife Control Helps Ponds

A pond in your yard is a beautiful feature and creates a nice ambiance. Unfortunately, if you stock it with koi, you’ll probably be attracting some unwanted guests. Raccoons will find your koi to be quite the tasty treat. Using some wildlife control techniques can help you to discourage raccoons and birds from choosing your pond as a food source. Animal Remover has compiled some of these wildlife control methods in our blog today. Remember, if you have raccoons living in your yard, you can utilize our animal removal services to take care of the problem humanely.

Build Your Pond With Preventative Measures in Place

The easiest thing you can do to discourage raccoons is to build your pond in a way that naturally deters them. This means making your pond wall’s edges steep enough that a raccoon won’t be able to reach the fish. Raccoons do their best to avoid getting into the water and swimming, so making sure your edges are nice and steep will make them think twice about hunting your koi.

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You can also be sure to give your fish plenty of hiding places. Pond vegetation and areas where fish can hide will give them the best chance of avoiding the grasp of a hungry predator. Fish tunnels made from PVC pipe are a great, subtle hiding place.

Using Wildlife Control Devices

There are several wildlife control devices available that will help you keep predators away. One of the most common is netting. You can place netting over your pond at night to try and discourage raccoons and birds from eating your fish. You can also use a motion-activated sprinkler called the Scarecrow that turns on when a raccoon or other animal gets close. This will usually scare them away.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Finally, one of the best wildlife control techniques is keeping your yard from becoming a place that attracts wild animals. Keep tight lids on trash cans and make sure you aren’t leaving any pet food outside. Anything that will alert raccoon’s strong sense of smell should be removed. After all, you don’t want them to wander into your yard smelling the trash they might eat and then spot your pond, which is a much more appetizing option to them.

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Contact Animal Remover

The best thing you can do if you have a pesky raccoon problem is let the wildlife control experts take care of it. The professionals at Animal Remover can safely and humanely remove the troublesome raccoon from your property. Contact us today or view our website for more information.