Wildlife Control: How to Prevent a Snake from Entering Your Home

Practicing wildlife control can keep snakes out of your house

Finding a snake in your house is always an unsettling sight. Removing a snake from your house can be a hassle. To prevent this situation from occurring, try taking a few precautionary steps. At Animal Remover, we specialize in safe and effective wildlife control solutions. Here, we’ve provided some wildlife control tips that help prevent snakes from ever entering your house.  

Practice Yard Maintenance

The best wildlife control method to keep snakes out of your house is to attack the root of the problem: your yard. Snakes are attracted to places in your yard where they can easily hide and catch prey, such as overgrown shrubs, tall grass and weeds, brush piles, and piles of firewood. To prevent snakes from hiding in your yard, mow your lawn regularly, trim any bushes or shrubs, and keep brush and firewood piles away from your house. By keeping snakes away from your yard, you can keep them out of your house.

Seal Your House from the Outside

One of the most common ways for snakes to enter your house is through holes or cracks in the foundation. To prevent snakes from finding an entry into your home, seal up any holes or cracks you see outside your house. Sealing your house will also prevent other animals, like mice, from entering.

Snake Traps and Other Wildlife Control Methods  

The internet is full of potential wildlife control methods that supposedly prevent snakes from entering your house. Some include using store-bought snake repellent, sprinkling mothballs and human hair throughout your yard, and even sprinkling snake predator urine, like coyote urine, around your house. At Animal Remover, we‘ve seen it all, and we know that most of these methods are not effective. Instead of using one of these methods, we can help you prevent snakes from entering your house by setting up snake traps in your yard. When a snake is caught, we can safely remove it from your property.

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