Wildlife Control Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Fireplace

Wildlife Control and rodents in a fireplace.

Animal Remover are wildlife control professionals, providing expert animal removal services for infestations of raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, snakes and much more. Plenty of people have experience with mouse and rat infestations, but fewer people have open fireplaces and chimneys in their home.

What’s the link between those? Well, as any wildlife control professional will know, fireplaces and chimneys are another place for rodents to hide and nest comfortably, especially if you don’t use it often.

In our blog, Animal Remover likes to offer tips for wildlife control to avoid you having to seek out professional animal removal services. Read more to find out how you can protect your fireplace and chimney from rodents.

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Cleaning the Chimney

Cleaning out the chimney is an important part of fireplace maintenance, regardless of any nuisance animals you may or may not have in your home. Build-up in the chimney reduces the effectiveness of the chimney, and if you don’t use your fireplace often then it becomes an ideal spot for animals like rodents.

Cleaning a chimney can be a real process, so make sure you’re prepared. Cover surrounding furniture and surfaces with a tarp or large cloth to save yourself some extensive clean-up. Wear protective gear like good goggles and a mask, preferably one that can effectively filter what you breathe, to avoid a lungful of old soot. You also need a reliable and sturdy ladder since you’ll need to do this from the outside of your property.

There are plenty of guides to safely cleaning your chimney available, but you can also find a professional service to do it for you.

Repairing Cracks and Gaps

The inside of a chimney and fireplace are both as susceptible to cracks and gaps as the rest of your home, especially if it’s an older property. Filling or fixing these is an effective way of reducing the risk of animals getting in or making the most of these spaces.

Unfortunately, unlike some more accessible areas in your home, it can be more of a challenge to fix cracks or gaps in a chimney or fireplace. If you’re already a DIY enthusiast, then there are plenty of detailed guides out there, but otherwise, this might be one for a professional.

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Keep Your House Clean

When it comes to wildlife control, keeping your home clean is vital. Wasted or dropped food is a common reason that a home has become infested, especially when it comes to rodents, and keeping floors and surfaces clean makes a big difference.

Just remember, if you already have a problem with mice, rats or squirrels, cleaning up after the fact won’t get rid of them.

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