Wildlife Control Tips: How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Bird removal bird in garden

Birds can be a welcome addition to your garden. They eat pesky insects like snails, slugs, and grasshoppers, and their chirping provides a relaxing atmosphere when you’re working outside. Despite the benefits birds can provide, they can occasionally wreak havoc on a garden by eating your seeds and crops. To prevent birds from destroying your growing plants, Animal Remover provides some wildlife control tips.

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Scare Them Away

One of the oldest wildlife control tips in the book is simply scaring the birds away from your garden. Making a scarecrow out of wood and old clothes can scare birds away, but be sure to move the scarecrow to a different location every few days. You can also try placing shiny objects around your garden which will frighten off birds. Try tying silver mylar balloons on onto posts with bright, shiny ribbon. If you don’t want to use balloons, tie shiny tin pans around your garden instead.

Cover Your Plants

Although scaring the birds temporarily wards them away from your garden, it may not be the most effective wildlife control tactic. The best way to ensure birds stay away from your garden is covering your plants and seeds so birds cannot reach them. Lay chicken wire over your seedbeds, and cover your growing plants with netting. For a temporary solution, cover your plants with a lightweight fabric like tulle. For a more permanent barrier, cover your plants with a wire netting. Even if you cannot keep birds out of your garden, you can at least keep them from destroying your crops.

Plants Other Crops for the Birds

In addition to covering your plants and scaring birds away, another great wildlife control tip is to set up a separate area for the birds to enjoy. Near your garden, plant crops that will attract birds such as sunflowers, buckwheat, and berry bushes. By giving the birds their own space, you can enjoy the benefits birds provide while distracting them from your plants.

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Contact Animal Removal for Wildlife Control

Following these tips will keep birds away from your garden, but if birds are roosting in your home, you should contact a professional animal removal service. At Animal Remover, we provide safe, reliable, and effective wildlife control. We also specialize in bird removal, removing birds from your attic, chimney, and basement. If you are interested in learning more about our wildlife control and bird removal services, please contact Animal Remover today!