Wildlife Control: Trap-Neuter-Return

A feral cat who who needs assistance from wildlife control

According to National Geographic, an estimated 70 million homeless cats live in the US. Without shelter and regular access to food or veterinary facilities, feral cats usually reproduce without control, attack and kill wildlife, and succumb to deadly diseases. If you notice feral cats living around your property, there are a few wildlife control methods you could take. Unfortunately, most methods are not effective. You could trap the cat and release it elsewhere, but this method doesn’t impact the feral cat population. You could also call a shelter to remove the cats, but feral cats are wild animals that are not adoptable, so they most likely will be euthanized. Instead of these methods, practice an effective and humane method of wildlife control: trap-neuter-return.  

What is Trap-Neuter-Return?

Trap-neuter-return is a system of trapping a feral cat, spaying or neutering it at a veterinarian, and returning it to its habitat. This wildlife control method decreases the feral cat population, reduces the burden on animal shelters, and saves the cat’s life. Because of these benefits, many people are choosing trap-neuter-return to deal with the feral cats around their property.  

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Steps of Trap-Neuter-Return

Trap the Cat

To practice this effective wildlife control method, first trap the cat. Purchase a spring-loaded, live animal trap and place it near the area where the cat usually eats. To protect the cat, do not set the trap on a hot or rainy day because the cat will not be able to escape once captured.

Next, bait the trap with either wet cat food or canned fish, like tuna or mackerel. The cat may be afraid to walk over the wires of the cage, so cover the bottom with newspaper to make the trap as effective as possible. You could also try camouflaging the trap with leaves or twigs. After you bait the trap, simply set it and wait.

Spay or Neuter

After you’ve caught the cat, take it to your local veterinarian. Here, the veterinarian will spay or neuter the cat and give it a rabies vaccination. Check with your local veterinary clinic about their trap-neuter-return programs. Many of them offer spaying, neutering, and vaccines at discounted rates to encourage this wildlife control method.

Return the Cat

After the cat is spayed or neutered, simply return it to the area where you found it. Although you may be tempted to take the cat to a different location, away from your property, it’s best to return the cat to its familiar surroundings. After visiting the veterinarian, the cat may be confused, so dropping it off in an unfamiliar location may be harmful.

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