Yard Mole Removal: Actions to Discourage Mole Infestation

Mole removal service needed in yard

A mole infestation is one of the most common lawn care problems people experience in the United States. Many of us put in long hours maintaining a lush, green lawn – only to have moles wreak havoc and create unsightly molehills. There’s no mistaking when you have a mole problem as the hills and ruts left by a mole are obvious signs of the damage to your landscaping, lawn, and yard. Many of us fight this battle every year as moles become more active in the warmer months. Today, the experienced team at Animal Remover has some tips to deter the infestation of moles in your yard. Follow these steps to discourage moles from your yard and save yourself from the headache of mole removal.

Actions to Discourage Moles From Infesting Your Yard

Spray Insecticide to Target a Mole’s Food Source

If you have an abundance of grubs and bugs in your soil, you are more likely to attract moles to your yard. Try spraying your yard with insecticides to kill the mole’s food source. Some people recommend products like milky spore disease or beneficial nematodes to kill grubs and Japanese beetles. You can also use chemical insecticides like carbaryl and trichlorfon. Reducing the insect presence of your yard helps to deter moles from coming to your yard, but can have some negative effects like killing earthworms which are beneficial to your soil. In the end, reducing a mole’s food supply will lessen the odds that you will need a mole removal service.

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Reduce the Moisture in Your Soil

This can often work in combination with the insecticides mentioned above. Many grubs and insects are drawn to wet soil conditions. Planting grass that is better suited for dry soil allows you to starve out the moles by reducing their available food. This step, in tandem with the targeting of the food source, allows you to avoid mole removal by prevention. If moles are unable to eat in your yard, they will not survive long enough to infest.

Install Barriers to Your Yard

Another method to prevent the need for mole removal is the barrier method. This can be done in a multitude of ways. If you want to protect specific plants in your garden, you can install wire mesh screens around the sides and bottom of the plant you want to protect. The wire mesh prevents the moles from accessing the soil underneath your plants or garden while still allowing your plants to still grow into the soil.

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Mole Removal Service

If you are unsuccessful in preventing moles from infesting your yard and need a professional mole removal service, contact Animal Remover. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly and effectively rid you of your mole infestation. With Animal Removal you will not have to worry about moles ruining the hard work you have put into your yard or garden. Call us to speak about mole removal today at 513.324.9453.

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